PureBiotics® Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer - Fresh Spring Scent (Concentrated)

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PureBiotics® Probiotic Auto & Truck Detailer with Fresh Spring Scent

PureBiotics® Car & Truck Detailer is economical and provides such a labour saving that it is also used by car auction cleaning operations and body shops for its fast and beautiful presentation provided.

A simple washing with PureBiotics® Car & Truck Detailer gives your vehicle that just waxed look and professionals love the fact that this special StaBiotic™ (Probiotic) solution is both extremely effective, but gentle enough to be used on the finest leather of the most expensive vehicles in the world and yet, the same solution will perfectly clean the exterior body of the car, including brake dust on the wheels.

This provides a great deal of time and labour instead of requiring a half dozen products for the same job. PureBiotics® Car & Truck Detailer removes odours better than anything else along with providing ongoing, long lasting effect and protection.