Proven non-toxic probiotic products for a chemical free environment

Contains beneficial probiotics - 100% safe for the whole family

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About Us & PureBiotics®

I'm Dr Lindsay Best, chiropractor, mother of two and founder of PureBiotics® NZ. I'm passionate about supporting families to create true holistic health and wellness. 

Back in 2016 I noticed that my two-year-old son's urine had an unpleasant odour. His system was out of balance, and I was determined to find the cause.

Over the next few months I tried everything - reducing sugar, elimination diets, changing laundry detergents - but still the odour remained. Thats when I found PureBiotics® NZ.

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We have a cleaning option for whatever your needs -

all whilst helping your environmental footprint

Bedrooms - Bathrooms - Kitchens - Degreasers - Automotive - Odours

Try our probiotic cleaners today for a better future 

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"I use it to spray my bed, sofa and carpet. The apartment feels fresh afterwards, I am sure it is protecting me and my pets" - Felipe Kasinsky

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