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  • Economical cleaning solution with added probiotic bacteria

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Economical cleaning solution with added probiotic bacteria

Keeping your home allergy free has never been easier

Protect your best friend

Good bacteria making healthy spaces? Naturopath Jasmin Sturm talks to Dr Lindsay about PureBioticsNZ

About Us

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What do our probiotic products do?

At PureBiotics®, we are introducing a whole new way of cleaning to families. Our probiotic cleaning products leverage the power of good bacteria to clean homes effectively while promoting a healthy environment.

Cleaning with standard anti-bacterial cleaners will...

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Probiotic Mist

"...I now spray his blankets between washes and they stay much fresher. I have been using it around the house to combat any smells and it works wonderfully. I am thrilled to be using something that is safe, natural and balances out the good bacteria in the environment. I recommend this product. It really does work!!"

Jane Valentine

Safe around my kids

“My son has a persistent cough that comes up from seasonal changes. I love to spray his pillow and bed with the allergen mist. I think it does help with dust and allergens in the air and I feel safe using it around him.”


No chemical odours

“The one thing I really like about these products is the fact they don’t smell like bleech or anything harsh.”

Maree D

We made the switch and haven't looked back

“We've switched to purebiotics cleaning products 2 years ago and it's working amazingly well! We're not using anything else, it works for everything : shower, toilets, floors, windows and so on :).”

Antoine F

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