PureBiotics® StaBiotic™ Allergy Mist

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This PureBiotics® StaBiotic™ Allergy Mist has hundreds of healthcare and cleaning applications and is very simple to use.

Just simply spray onto any surface and let the beneficial bacteria do the work.

  • It is hypoallergenic
  • Eliminates odours
  • Removes dust mite & other allergens, irritants & contaminants from the air
  • You may have a clean home, but how can you possibly clean all the hidden ductwork in your building. There is no other way to clean. 
  • Deconstructs biofilm for the most possible clean surfaces.
  • Works & protects down to the microscopic surface level.
  • Keeps working, cleaning & protecting for up to 3 days after each application 
  • Creates a powerful protective layer of beneficial StaBiotic™ bacteria
  • Economical & reduces staff time - covers all normally unreachable surfaces 
  • Safe, chemical-free, 100% Non-GMO organic beneficial probiotics