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Cleaning and hygiene has become even more important in this day and age.

At PureBiotics we have noticed a shift in cleaning trends and family attitudes to cleaning and hygiene. 

The pandemic has heightened our awareness about cleaning, disinfecting, and all things related to cleaning as we strive to keep ourselves and our families healthy.

As a result, people have put more thought into how they clean, and what they use to clean with as well.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the common questions we are fielding at the moment about cleaning, natural and eco-friendly cleaning, probiotic cleaning, and non-toxic cleaning products. 

What are natural cleaning products and why should you use them over traditional cleaners?

Traditional cleaners can be based on harsh chemicals that can harm the environment, your home, and even your skin and health.

Natural cleaning products are generally made from naturally occurring products that are perfectly safe for your skin, your lungs, your animals, and your home.

People will generally look for natural cleaning products like PureBiotics Probiotic cleaner, when they are interested in family safety, environment, cost, and allergies / irritants. 

Any one of those reasons could be sufficient to change to a natural alternative.

Are Natural cleaning products worth it?

Value for money is a key reason people use Natural cleaning products.  The effectiveness is equal to traditional, and the cost savings are sometimes significant as you are not paying for a large multinational corporation to fund their operations!

Do natural cleaning products work as well?

Yes they do!  This often surprises people who have been marketed to by very convincing multinational companies for many years.

For some extremely thorough scientific evidence about our Probiotic Cleaning solutions from Purebiotics read HERE.

What natural cleaning products disinfect as well?

Alcohol based products, some essential oil based, and some vinegar based products will not only clean, but disinfect as well.

Consider probiotic cleaners as well, as they will create a new and enhanced environment that stops harmful bacteria from thriving.  

Learn more on our FAQ page HERE

Are there natural cleaning products you can make at home?

There are!

If you spend some time on Google, you’ll find options that are often based on baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap.

What are the best ways to use natural cleaners for different surfaces in your home or office building?

We recommend you establish a range of preferred products, and test them out to see what works best for your home or office. 

Are there any drawbacks to using natural cleaners that you should be aware of before making a purchase decision?

The short answer is no.  Cost effective, eco-friendly, family-friendly, and the work - what’s not to like about that?

More Information:

✔️ Need a good starting package? Try this out - the Purebiotics Perfect Cleaning Collection


❓ Are probiotic cleaners safe? They are safe for you and every member of your family, pets included. 


❓ Are they eco-friendly? They are eco-friendly and beneficial. The bacteria in our formulas are naturally occurring in the environment. 


❓ Is this a cost effective way to clean? The All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate lasts a long time, one 250ml bottle will make approx 50 bottles of spray and wipe. Customers are finding a full year of usage.


❓ Do probiotic cleaners work? They work to the microscopic layer, leaving surfaces clean for longer.

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