Probiotic Cleaning-No You Are Not Cleaning Your House with Yoghurt

Ever wonder what all the hype is with probiotic cleaning, and think to yourself why are they cleaning their house with yoghurt. 

I would like to demystify some of the myths around using probiotics to clean. You are in fact not cleaning with yogurt but using the beneficial bacteria called "probiotics" to help you clean. You see these "good little helpers" love grime and they love to clean. 

When the probiotic cleaner is applied on surfaces, I always imagine deploying little paratroopers onto the those surfaces. These little helpers gobble up the resources of the "bad" pathogenic bacteria and crowd them out simply by numbers. No other cleaners once sprayed and dried clean and then keep cleaning. The probiotic cleaner unless an antibacterial product is used will stay on surfaces for over 72 hours and keep doing their jobs. 

Cleaning with probiotics is a safer and non-toxic way to clean the house, that is safe for the whole family. 

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