We Have A New Look, But Same Great Product

We spent some time changing the look of the products so they are less "sciency" and more appealing (meaning it looks better on your counter at home). 

We love the new look, but still love the product more and more everyday. We love getting the feedback from you about all the wonderful ways to use the products. This week someone suggested using it in the compost bucket as it keeps it fresher for longer and we all know it can get pretty bad. I personally use the mist on my plants indoor and outdoor to keep their leaves with less debris so they can do more of their photosynthesising (say that fast 10 times). 

I had a lady last month that had that smell in her laundry. I think we all know that smell when you have left the clothes in the washer for too long after the cycle. I suggested that she put a capful of the mist in the rinse cycle of the wash and she was so pleased with how that worked to eliminate the smell in the clothing and also the washing machine itself. 

Even though we minimised the wording on the new labels, we still like the science aspects but endeavour to try and keep in simple and digestible pieces. Keep an eye out on our instagram and facebook. 

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