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We Want Your Cleaning Hacks

I came home the other day, and when I went to go in the door, I spied the garden hose going in the house...

I am thinking to myself what could possibly happen that you need a garden hose in the house?

I went into the bathroom and my husband very cleverly was using the hose to rinse the shower.

Our shower head is a static one and therefore makes it hard to rinse the shower. 

I was very impressed with his ingenuity. 

I would love to hear your stories, ideas and cleaning hacks.

Even if you think they are simple there will be someone that will benefit from them. 

Happy Cleaning! 

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❓ Are probiotic cleaners safe? They are safe for you and every member of your family, pets included. 


❓ Are they eco-friendly? They are eco-friendly and beneficial. The bacteria in our formulas are naturally occurring in the environment. 


❓ Is this a cost effective way to clean? The All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate lasts a long time, one 250ml bottle will make approx 50 bottles of spray and wipe. Customers are finding a full year of usage.


❓ Do probiotic cleaners work? They work to the microscopic layer, leaving surfaces clean for longer.

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