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I'm Dr Lindsay Best, chiropractor, mother of two and founder of PureBiotics® NZ.
I'm passionate about supporting families to create true holistic health and wellness. 
Dr Lindsay Best


Back in 2016 I noticed that my two-year-old son's urine had an unpleasant odour. His system was out of balance, and I was determined to find the cause.

Over the next few months I tried everything - reducing sugar, elimination diets, changing laundry detergents - but still the odour remained.

Then I noticed a pink tinge around the base of our shower, commonly seen in wet areas and changing rooms. This pink tinge is actually biofilm, a sticky and often invisible substance that binds together the layers of dead bacteria that build up in the microscopic cracks and gaps on household surfaces.

Normal household disinfectants and anti-bacterial cleaning products kill the surface germs, but can't penetrate the biofilm. Surfaces might look clean, but nasty bacteria continues to flourish underneath, feeding off the dead cells trapped in the biofilm and affecting the health of our environment and even the air we breathe.

My son loved sitting down in the shower and swimming around in the pooling water, so he was effectively bathing in all that nasty bacteria. I knew there had to be a better way of cleaning.

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