Consumer allergens & probiotic cleaning

PureBiotics® provides a complete range of incredibly effective, unique, safe and environmentally friendly products for your personal and home use. In addition to its break-through probiotic green cleaning products, PureBiotics® flagship product, the PureBiotics® All Purpose Cleaner, has provided relief to hundreds of thousands of users in over 30 countries around the world.

PureBiotics® allergy free products provides rapid relief to allergy sufferers by preventively lowering the risk of problems with dust mite and other allergens. For additional information on PureBiotics® products, please click the products section.

Another great benefit of PureBiotics® products is that, as powerful as they are for cleaning, they are also so gentle on your skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons; this important fact is just one of the many that sets PureBiotics® apart from the numerous chemicals now used in other type cleaning products that have dangerous fumes or can burn your skin. These products are simply going to astound you! Get the peace of mind you deserve with PureBiotics® long lasting protection.

Protect With The Power of Probiotics!

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PureBiotics® All Purpose Cleaner

PureBiotics® Toothbrush Cleaner 

PureBiotics® StaBiotic™ Mist

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