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Through the development of the PureBiotics® product line, PureBiotics® introduces a sustainable solution for the serious problems with cleaning in the healthcare sector.

The use of probiotic cleaning products in hospitals, nursing homes and related facilities introduces a stable and healthy microbial community lowering the risk of problems with contaminants.

PureBiotics® products fit perfectly into any existing cleaning protocol and do not require any structural or other adjustments.

This revolutionary cleaning concept has been validated in thousands of tests by a number of independent hospitals and medical facilities. Many of these studies are available in the documents section; also included is an important 18 month independent third party study by a major hospital and the University of Ghent - click here for the study.

MICROSCOPIC CLEANING! PureBiotics® Cleaning Products is a break-through in commercial cleaning because all PureBiotics® cleaning products – unlike normal cleaners – actually cleans down to the microscopic level leaving nothing to soil, contaminate or cause odours!

KEEPS WORKING FOR DAYS! PureBiotics® products don’t stop working the moment the surface is dry like other products, but instead PureBiotics® actually continues to keep working non-stop, minute after minute for up to three days at a time – constantly cleaning as well as protecting against contamination and odours, unlike anything else you have ever used before. PureBiotics® can be applied to all kinds of floors, including wood, tile, marble, linoleum and all other surfaces. You will be amazed that even grout will turn back to its original colour within a few weeks of switching to the safe power of PureBiotics® Probiotics!

LABOUR SAVING! Because PureBiotics® actually breaks down and deconstructs and eliminates biofilm, floors and carpets get cleaner and stay cleaner longer which produces major savings in time, labor and resources.

PureBiotics® is a very versatile and efficient cleaner enriched with safe probiotic bacteria that cleans and degreases fast and thoroughly with long-lasting, multi day effect on dirt and grime.
Whether soiled by anything from food and spilled wine to pets or for dirty grout on tiles, 
PureBiotics® products keep working – eating through the biofilm and cleaning along the way. PureBiotics® leaves a natural lasting protection on your floors and carpets and it is family, pet, and eco-friendly. All the users of PureBiotics® floor cleaners, for both home and commercial use, repeatedly report that their floors and carpets are cleaner than they’ve ever been.

CONCENTRATED & ECONOMICAL! PureBiotics® cleaners are also incredibly economical and require little space as they are strongly concentrated so you can dilute them 100 to 1 with just tap water.


Protect With The Power of Probiotics!

The PureBiotics® product line is comprised of the following products. Just click the product name to learn more:

PureBiotics® All Purpose Cleaner

PureBiotics® StaBiotic™ Allergy Mist

PureBiotics® CMF-240 Degreaser & Heavy Duty Cleaner


✔️ Need a good starting package? Try this out - the Purebiotics Perfect Cleaning Collection


❓ Are probiotic cleaners safe? They are safe for you and every member of your family, pets included. 


❓ Are they eco-friendly? They are eco-friendly and beneficial. The bacteria in our formulas are naturally occurring in the environment. 


❓ Is this a cost effective way to clean? The All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate lasts a long time, one 250ml bottle will make approx 50 bottles of spray and wipe. Customers are finding a full year of usage.


❓ Do probiotic cleaners work? They work to the microscopic layer, leaving surfaces clean for longer.