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Industrial & Safety

PureBiotics® Probiotic Products provide extremely efficient and economical solutions for the entire universe of facilities and buildings in all industries.

These cleaning products are revolutionary for they not only provide superior cleaning and degreasing but continue to be effective long after the initial cleaning – this unique feature is not offered by any other product on the market today.

PureBiotics® introduces a sustainable solution to the serious problems with cleaning all buildings, both public and residential. The use of probiotic cleaning products introduces a stable and healthy microbial community to all cleaned surfaces lowering the risk of problems with contaminants.

PureBiotics® cleaning products fit perfectly into any existing cleaning protocol and do not require any structural or other adjustments.

The PureBiotics® Industrial Cleaners are comprised of the following products. Just click a product name to learn more:

PureBiotics® CMF-240 Degreaser and Heavy Duty Cleaner

PureBiotics® All Purpose Cleaner