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PureBiotics® CMF-240 Degreaser and Heavy Duty Cleaner Instructions


a) Note - for light cleaning, a spot remover and for clothing stains, use a ratio of between 1% up to 5% of concentrated product to 99% or down to 95% parts water.

b) To remove oil, grease, heavy grime, mould, rust stains, cleaning cars, boats, lathes, printing presses and all other machinery parts, greasy kitchen floors, degreasing before painting, shine stainless steel, tiles, bathrooms, etc., normally use between 150 to 300ml of CMF-240 per 4 litres of water.

c) For heavy soot residue, grimy engines, machines, moulds, wet paint, oil or grease, use 20% concentrate to 80% water or if needed, up to 25% concentrate to 75% water.

d) Use as much concentrated product as needed, even up to full strength, to remove extreme grunge, rust stains, mercaptan, phenois, plus hydrocarbon odours and to remove protein & resins. * Note, any tap or fresh water can be used to dilute the concentrate, but soft water is best to optimize working strength. 


1) Spray on the surfaces to be cleaned, such as walls - working from the bottom to the top to get full coverage - or for large surfaces, foam on or apply with a mop to the areas to be cleaned.

2) Let the product work for up to 10 minutes, but do not allow to dry.

3) Scrub to remove the dirt and contaminants manually or mechanically. A sponge or brush works well to speed up removing static dirt.

4) Then rinse with water (under high pressure, if convenient). Then, if necessary, dry the cleaned area (and note that a micro-cloth provides the best shine).


Always put the water in FIRST and THEN add the CMF-240 concentrate!


See the SDS Sheet. Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep container sealed. Do not freeze. Handle with care to avoid spillage. To dispose, check local regulations.

• No Phosphates Are Used • Non-Flammable • Non-Volatile • Eco-Friendly