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Reduce chemical use. Create a safer home.

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So how does it work?

Just like we use safe beneficial probiotics to dominate our gut microbiome, we use safe probiotic bacteria to dominate our everyday surfaces when cleaning - without the use of gloves or masks.

Still not convinced - have a look at this video explaining the probiotic cleaning process using lego (American company using probiotics).

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Have a look at our selection of products to get you dominating your home with beneficial bacteria.

One 250ml bottle of the probiotic All Purpose Cleaner concentrate lasts for ages - 5ml concentrate makes 500ml spray solution.


The Mist sprayed onto all soft surfaces you don't always clean - provides ongoing control of odours, allergen potential, mould and reduces unwanted nasty buildups. 



Try our Microfibre Spray Mops for all hard surfaces. Mix a solution of our All Purpose Cleaner and dominate your floors with beneficial probiotic bacteria.


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✔️ Need a good starting package? Try this out - the Purebiotics Perfect Cleaning Collection


❓ Are probiotic cleaners safe? They are safe for you and every member of your family, pets included. 


❓ Are they eco-friendly? They are eco-friendly and beneficial. The bacteria in our formulas are naturally occurring in the environment. 


❓ Is this a cost effective way to clean? The All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate lasts a long time, one 250ml bottle will make approx 50 bottles of spray and wipe. Customers are finding a full year of usage.


❓ Do probiotic cleaners work? They work to the microscopic layer, leaving surfaces clean for longer.